Gasoline Minsel Engines

Minsel Gasoline engines for Agricultural And  Industrial Applications

Minsel Model Series M100, M150, y M165, Motores 5HP, 7HP y 8HP

Gasoline Minsel Engines

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Engine Minsel M165 Grinder Robel Ariamotor

Engine Minsel M165 Grinder Robel

Minsel M165 Engine Grinder

  • Minsel Gasoline Engine
  • Conical crankshaft 17
  • Right Turn
  • Replaces Minsel M150 engine


  • Diaphragm Carburettor
  • Flange Diaphragm Carburettor
  • Dry Air Filter
  • Robel Dual Protection
  • Stop switch
Price €620.00